Sunday, December 7, 2008

Project Isues

I've been trying to follow my original idea for this project as closely as possible. It seems though that my lack of experience in the SL world has set me back quite a bit. In order to execute my original project, I still need a piece of land or some type of gallery space to exhibit in.

I also found out that I cannot use fake models for the piece itself unless I was to construct them in 3D myself. As I do not have the appropriate skills for such a practice I will instead need to list help from a more experienced avatar and instead use avatar models (real people modeling with their avatars). I am going to try and recruit all different types of avatar bodies, while at the same time keeping the bodies close to the aesthetic presented by Beecroft (high heels, pale while skin, so on...).

As I said in a previous post I am attempting to contact a few individuals within SL that run a Transgender Safe Haeven to use their land as a place to exhibit the show.

If that doesn't work than I will try and inlist the help of a friend to help me create my own gallery space with appropriate funds of course. (I have found that it really isn't cheap making and uploading things within this virtual world)

For now I plan to keep exploring the world and critquing the functions of the world within context to constructed ideas of Utopian Life within SL.

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