Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Constructing My Body

As I continued my journey into Second Life I quickly found myself needing a skin, a set of appearance that was not just the default male model given to me.

After a quick search in the massive database of SL information I found a boutique specializing in skins. I arrived at the boutique and was surprised by the sheer advertising of this virtual stores virtual merchandise.

The particular boutique I went into seemed to specialize more in making 'womens skins and apparel', each of which were perfectly sculpted slender and tall with exaggerated features. They looked like virtual barbie dolls of all natures. There were never any queer bodies within the boutique only the binaried bodies.

Oddly enough there was no nudity allowed within the boutiqe's floor. You were only allowed to dress down in dressing rooms much like within the RL... which I thought odd since there were half naked men and women all over the merchandise. I was particularly interested in the skin packages that were for sale - entire new body looks for sale.. Hell I could even look like brittany spears if I wanted.
Thats all.

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