Tuesday, November 25, 2008

First Impression and Investigation

I turned on Second Life for the first time this week and was surprised at the complexity of the process. The mere acting of crafting an image of oneself is incredibly more difficult that I had originally thought.

Within the first few minutes of setting up my avatar I was confronted with questions about my 'RL' (real life), such as my name and my gender. I was already alerted when I was asked for my gender and was perplexed as to why that information would even be necessary as I was seeking to create an artificial self within artificial space - what function does my gender play in the creation?

When entering the world I was bombarded with ADs and large pictures of perfect male and female bodies with clothing adds all around.

As seleted on my real life questionare my avatar appears as male. No default null body, just the gender according to your real life assigned gender.

After being frustrated with trying to figure out how to move about the world I decided to end my session.

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